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Beidou Intelligent Damage-preventing System
Beidou Intelligent damage-preventing ystem is based on the confluence of Beidou positioning technology, “Internet +” technology and transmissionline prevent-damage technology. For the target of “Intelligent line inspection, controllable damage-preventing”, it innovatively d a special vehicle with warning device to monitor the working site, through accessing with Beidou damage-preveting control platform, it realizes the application of Beidou damage preventing,

√ The system is connected with the mobile terminal to improve the inspection personnel's inspection efficiency and prevent the hidden danger of external damage in a more timely and effective manner.

√ With a system active forewarning, it is convenient for staffs to take appropriate measures in time, effectively prevent the occurrence of external force damage accidents.

√ with the vehicle positioning to achieve the data acquisition, and save real-time and effective inspection data, it has a complete overview information, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

√ Unified analysis make the data processing clearly, and convenient for operation and maintenance staffs to improve the level of prevention and control of hidden dangers.
Product detail

Engineering vehicles are equipped with Beidou intelligent positioning terminals, which are connected to the platform uniformly. When the vehicles enter the power line protection area, the system will give active forewarning and push the alarm to the mobile terminal or SMS notification, so that the monitoring personnel can master the monitoring vehicles in time and realize the Beidou intelligent damage-preventing!


Beidou Vehicle Positioning Terminal:

√?It is easy?to install, stable and reliable to operate, with high precision positioning of Beidou satellite.

√ Comply with JT/T 794 road transport vehicle satellite positioning system - on-board terminal technical requirements.

√ Comply with the technical specification of the communication protocol for the Beidou compatible on-board terminal of the satellite-positioning system for road transport vehicles.

√ Install Beidou positioning terminal on special vehicles and connect it to the control platform to realize intelligent Beidou damage-preventing?application;

Beidou Intelligent Damage-preventing System:

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