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Unified Access Platform for Intellisense Devices
According to the standard protocol, the platform can uniformly access different intelligent sensor data, to achieve intelligent sensor equipment overview, real-time monitoring, abnormal forewarning and other functions. Through multi-source data fusion, intelligent application of various scenarios is realized, such as linkage application between UAV and online sensor.

√ Unified access to all kinds of intelligent sensor data according to the standard protocol I1, such as equipment condition monitoring, detection, meteorological, operation and loading data.

√ Realize the overview of intelligent sensor equipment, real-time monitoring of intelligent sensor data, and timely abnormal forewarning.

√ Achieve intelligent application of various scenes by multi-source data fusion and sharing.

√ It has a lot of advantages such as convenient operation, efficient management, accurate positioning and quick investigation.
Product detail

Unified access platform for intelligent IntelliSense devices enables unified access and management of all kinds of smart sensor data, making the operation process simpler and more convenient. It analyzes?and evaluate based on massive monitoring data, and give real-time warning to ensure timely resolution of defects and anomalies.

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